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We offer a full range of Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) services.

These services include preparing Risk Assessments, setting up new or helping with existing Compliance Procedures, assisting with forming Designated Business Groups, filing Annual Reports, Training, and providing statutory, independent AML/CFT Audits.

We also provide KYC BPO Services to enable the organization fully compliant right from Account Opening Form Submission till Account Opening Procedures, and there after automated non-compliance alerts to our customers

Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism

Banking & Insurance

Asset Liability Management


Financial risk management software for banks and insurance companies handling complicated financial simulation require integrated Asset Liability Management (ALM) system to monitor, analyze, and manage liquidity risks, interest-rate risks, and earnings-at-risk. The system supports the Basel II/III and Solvency II capital regulation framework requirements.


  • Integrated with your existing system portfolio
  • Prepayment models to value mortgage loans
  • Option for optimizing hedge operations
  • Mark-to-market and accrual accounting methods of valuing investment portfolio

Banking & Insurance

Global Remittance Deal Matching System

We help you to build the platform to manage global remittance corridors to your bank, cope with rapid growth, accept transaction data in multiple formats, streamline business operations and empower staff and customers. We offer a complete, end to end, web-based, multi-agent, multi-channel, multi-corridor and multi-currency money transfer platform that is proven, robust and secure.

Global Remittance Deal Matching System

Key Features of the Solution

  • Automated Upload in the form of a Multi-Threaded Windows Service.
  • Auto blocked of credits - Based on Keywords, Currencies, Send Codes, Bank Details.
  • Color Highlighting effect if difference is present between credit data and advice (like Transaction Ref. Number, Value data, Amount and currency.) Helpful for prior intimation before further processing. The advice data is shown in Tool tip while hovering over the highlighted credit data.
  • Color Highlighting effect if data of credits and advices have special words like M2X (money to) and CBPPC in specified fields like MT Reference Number, Tran Reference number and Bank details.
  • IRM File Generation
  • Separate Upload option for uploading reference number in CSV format.

Banking & Insurance


MyBank is a complete solution for Small Banking Institutions, Society Banking, Islamic Banking.

A low cost option for Small Banking Institutions and Financial Societies to manage their Banking Needs handling Account Opening, KYC, Term Deposits , Term Loans, Schemes and Products, Document Control, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking and Fund Management.

Banking & Insurance


From growing market needs, complexities, regulations and financial pressure factors Insurance Companies and Brokers need solution that can turn around the cost of service and quick cash realization. We provide Core Insurance software Projects for Insurance Providers and Brokers.

Our integrated offerings through strategic relationships with leading Insurance software providers who are specialized in their respective products will help you in assisting your clients through Direct and Indirect Channels other than optional internet based offerings. Our team of business and technology experts will modernize your operations and attain best-in-class technology architecture while managing costs.


Other Technology Services

  • Document Archival, Back Log Scanning – BPO Service & Onsite
  • VoIP Projects
  • Contact Center Solution
  • GSM Gateway for Contact Centers
  • End User Net Security
  • ERP & CRM Implementation
  • Turn-Key projects


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